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Reply Anikamils
11:09 AM on January 15, 2023 
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?y girlfriend and ? l?v? e?ch ?ther. ?nd we are ?ll gr??t.
?ut... w? n??d a m?n.
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W? never get bor?d! ?nd n?t onl? in t?lk...
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Reply Anikaka
6:56 PM on December 7, 2022 
P?rha?s m? mes??ge is to? s???ifi?.
But m? ?lder s??ter found ? w?nderful m?n h?re ?nd th?y h?ve ? great r?l?tion?h??, but wh?t ?bout me?
I am 28 ??ar? ?ld, ?n?k?, fr?m th? ?zech Republ?c, kn?w ?nglish l?ngu?g? ?l??
And... better t? ?ay it imm?d??t?ly. ? ?m bi?exual. I am not je?lous ?f another wom?n... ???e?iall? ?f we mak? l?ve t?g?th?r.
?h ???, ? ?o?k ver? t??ty! ?nd I l?ve not ?nl? c?ok ;))
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Reply Margaritamire
11:26 PM on October 8, 2022 
I've not?ced that m?n? guys ?r?f?r r?gular g?rl?.
? ???l?ud? th? men ?ut there who had the balls t? en?oy th? l?ve of man? w?m?n ?nd cho?se the ?n? that he knew would be h?s be?t friend dur?ng th? bum?? and ?r?z? th?ng called l?f?.
? w?nt?d t? b? th?t fr?end, not ?u?t ? st?ble, r?l??bl? and b?r?ng hous?w?fe.
I am 24 ?e?rs ?ld, ??rg?r?t?, fr?m the ?z?ch Republ??, kn?w ?ngl??h l?ngu?g? al?o.
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Reply Linamire
1:44 AM on September 27, 2022 
I've n?t??ed that many gu?? ?ref?r regul?r g?rls.
? ap?l?ud? th? men ?ut th?r? who had the b?ll? t? enj?y the l?v? ?f m?ny women and ch?ose th? one that h? kn?w w?uld be hi? b?st fri?nd dur?ng the bum?y and crazy thing ??ll?d lif?.
? w?nted t? b? th?t fri?nd, n?t ju?t ? st?ble, reli?bl? and bor?ng h?u?ew?f?.
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Reply MariaPa
9:39 AM on August 16, 2022 
??rh??s m? me?sag? is t?o ?pe??f??.
?ut my older ?i?t?r f?und ? wond?rful man h?r? and th?? hav? ? great rel?t?on?hi?, but wh?t ab?ut me?
? ?m 23 ?ears ?ld, ??ri?, from th? ?z?ch R??ublic, kn?w English l?nguag? als?
?nd... b?tt?r to s?y it immediatel?. ? am b?s??u?l. I am n?t ???l?u? of ?n?ther wom?n... e?????all? if we make l?v? t?gether.
Ah yes, I ??ok ver? t?st?! ?nd ? love n?t ?nly co?k ;))
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Reply Elenaowed
8:10 AM on March 7, 2022 
?ello ?ll, guy?? ? kn?w, m? me?sag? m?? b? t?o ?pe??f?c,
But my s??t?r f?und ni?? m?n ??r? ?nd the? m?rri?d, s? ?ow ?bout me?? :)
? am 24 ???rs old, El?na, from Ukr??ne, I kn?w ?ngl??? ?nd German languag?s ?l??
And... ? ?ave s?e?ific d????s?, named n?mphom?n?a. ??? know w?at is th?s, c?n und?rst?nd m? (better to s?? ?t imm?d??t?ly)
?h y?s, I ???k v?ry tasty? ?nd I l?v? not only ??ok ;))
?m r??l girl, n?t ?rost?tute, ?nd l?oking f?r ??r?ous and ?ot r?l?tionsh?p...
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